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Mission Statement

Through unparalleled, individualized clinical care and advocacy, Austin Addiction & Mental Health Center LLC (AAMHC) is committed to providing compassionate care to those suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring (COD) mental health disorders. Research suggest 80% of those suffering from addiction also suffer from a co-occurring disorder. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on crafting an individual addiction treatment for each client after the initial assessment is completed.


Our reputation is ultimately a product of our treatment approach and our clients’ ability to embrace and engage in our therapeutic process. We believe our treatment approach using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is ideal to treating clients whom present a (COD) in the initial assessment is most effective in minimizing relapse. Austin Addiction & Mental Health Center exists to help our clients and their family become whole again, where their recovery restores happiness and allows for the possibility of living a life of meaning and purpose.

Core Values

  • Environment that is comfortable, far beyond traditional, allowing our clients to reconnect with themselves and motivate themselves to continue on the road to long term recovery.
  • A compassionate nurturing and respectful approach to treatment.
  • Advocacy and support of clients as they transition back in to their lives and rejoin society.
  • Through mentoring and counseling, we believe each client needs to be treated with acceptance. We encourage and facilitate our clients journey to regain self- esteem and confidence.


  • To set and maintain the highest standards of care by continuously improving and evolving our services in order to best meet and exceed our clients’ needs.
  • Our clinical staff is composed of dedicated and compassionate individuals who have years of experience helping individuals recover from drug and alcohol addiction. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of care by continuously engaging in ongoing education and drug addiction counseling in our services in order to best meet our clients’ needs.

The 12 Step Community

We believe our approach of combining the best of what the 12 step model* has to offer with a truly integrated individual treatment plan gives our clients their best chance of achieving long term recovery. Our approach is via a treatment team that through substance abuse counseling addresses each client’s substance abuse issues in addition to any other co-occurring disorder. Statistically this approach to CODs offers the highest rate of recovery.

*Please feel free to contact AAMHC for dates and times of meetings currently taking place here. Including AA-NA, NAR-ANON

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