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Adolescent Addiction Treatment

{Company) treats Adolescents using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Research evidence supports the effectiveness of this behavioral therapy when treating the adolescent population. Our adolescent addiction treatment is designed to address specific aspects of adolescent drug use and the consequences for the individual and his or her family.

After an initial assessment is completed, clinicians place the client in the appropriate addiction treatment setting. The treatment may include group, individual and or family addiction counseling. Each adolescent begins treatment with an individualized treatment plan. The treatment plan itemizes short and long term goals specifically tailored based on the client’s own self reporting. AAMHC’s philosophy for adolescent treatment is based on treating the needs of the whole person. Effectively treating substance use disorders for this special population requires identifying and treating any other mental health conditions that are present.

At our addiction treatment center, our clinicians have years of experience treating adolescents with substance abuse and/or co-occurring disorders. If your adolescent is in need of adolescent addiction treatment for substance abuse or dependence or is struggling with mental health issues related to substance abuse, please contact Austin Addiction & Mental Health Center LLC in Frederick, MD and schedule an appointment today.