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DWI Education

Austin Addiction & Mental Health Center LLC offers DUI and DWI Education and Prevention classes that meet all court requirements. The client will be assessed and evaluated by one of our licensed clinicians to determine the appropriate level of care, then work with the client’s attorney and the court systems to provide the most acceptable, comprehensive level of addiction treatment and/or education.

DUI and DWI education classes area on of several options for someone that is convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the State of Maryland. There are two type of education classes currently being offered at AAMHC. The first is a twelve hour Alcohol Education (AEP) Program. The second is a twenty-six week course. The latter is our specifically designed IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) for clients who have a history of more than one DWI and or have been cited with a BAC level that is greater than .16.

Often, a lawyer and/or a judge will recommend to a client that they attend one drug addiction counseling program or the other. Our counselors will take this in to consideration during the assessment portion of the process. All classes are taught by a licensed professional and are schedule twice a week. Please contact Austin Addiction & Mental Health Center LLC in Frederick, MD if you or a loved one been charged with driving under the influence.